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5 Point to Know About the Home Depot Credit Card

Home Depot Credit Card- There’s a special offer on financing large purchases. It’s not a zero-interest offer, and you’ll not receive any rewards regularly.

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It’s a pleasure to stroll through Home Depot’s vast aisles as you imagine improvements to your home that could be on the horizon. However, The Home Depot Credit Card doesn’t bring the same positive vibes even though it has a zero annual cost.

This is because the store brand cards do not earn rewards regularly and provide few advantages. The most faithful Home Depot fan would prefer the rewards or cash-back card.

Following five point you need to be aware of about The Home Depot Credit Card:-

It provides the option of deferred (but not disallowed) interest.

The Home Depot Credit Card will help you finance the cost of a large home renovation; that’s the main selling feature. It gives you six months of interest deferred on purchases of $299.

Be aware that there is a distinction between deferred interest and a real zero APR intro offer. The former merely “set aside” interest, while the latter waives it for a specified period.

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5 Point to Know About the Home Depot Credit Card

When you use The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, If you fail to pay off the outstanding balance by six months fully, you’ll be held accountable for the interest accruing since the date you made the purchase. This could be an expensive error.

If you can qualify for the card offering a low-interest introductory rate that lasts for 12 months or more, you’ll be better. For instance, Chase Freedom Unlimited(R) offers an offer of 0% APR of 15 months for purchases and balance transfers, followed by a continuous APR of 17.24%-25.99 Variable APR of 1. In addition, it offers rewards of a minimum of 1.5 percent on all purchases.

It isn’t a good idea to carry an unbalanced weight.

If you do not take advantage of the deferred interest deal, stay clear of having a balance carried out each month. Similar to the majority of credit cards branded by stores, the ongoing interest rate is often quite high. The current APR is 17.99 percent, 21.99%, 25.99 percent, or 26.99 percent variable.

For example, the average APR of accounts that paid the interest rate in 2018 stood at 16.04 percent.

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New cardholders can enjoy a small discount.

New accounts are welcome. The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card gives customers a discount of $25 on purchases of $25-$299, Purchases of $50 between $300 and $999, and a $100 discount on purchases worth $1000 or more. This isn’t a lot.

But like most store-branded credit cards, there aren’t regular rewards for in-store purchases. It is possible to earn better rewards.

For instance, if you’re a DIYer but not a loyal customer of Home Depot, the Lowe’s Advantage Card gives you a discount of 5% off all purchases of eligible items, which puts it in any wallet top credit cards for shopping at stores. If you purchase a minimum of $299 or above, you’ll be able to choose either the discount of 5% or an equivalent deferred interest offer.

Cardholders have longer returns and special discounts.

Customers who are frequent Home Depot shoppers might benefit from the hassle-free return policy. Are provided for one year when you purchase the card, which is 4 times longer than what you normally receive on Home Depot purchases. This could be a boon, particularly on big purchases you’ll regret in the future.

Cardmembers can also avail of rotating discounts, like 10% off on a particular brand for a time or a 24-month financing offer during offers.

Home Depot offers a separate card for larger projects.

Home Depot also offers the Home Depot Project Loan Card that allows cardholders to get up to $55,000 for major renovation projects at a low-interest rate (7.99 percent in July 2019) with a maximum of 84 months (seven).

It’s intended to fund major projects like bathrooms or kitchens and may appeal to those who can’t access loans with lower APR elsewhere, like the mortgage for home equity.

About Home Depot Credit Card

The Home Depot Credit Card is an annual fee-free store credit card available to people who have decent credit and better. Since it is not a reward card, the Home Depot Credit Card does not have frequent rewards. Its primary advantages include a first-purchase discount and deferred interest financing offers.

In particular, the new cardholders will get a discount of $25-$100 for the first transaction of at least $25. Big purchases that are paid in full within the period can be interest-free. However, not paying on time could result in an enormous deferred interest bill. Find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of the Home Depot Credit Card below. Home Depot Credit Card below.

Home Depot Credit Card Highlights

There is no annual fee, but also no rewards.

Indeed, the Home Depot Credit Card doesn’t have an annual cost; however, its absence of rewards costs regular Home Depot shoppers a lot of savings. If you intend on paying for the balance of your Home Depot purchases within a single billing cycle, it’s best to use one of the best reward cards.

0 percent for 6 to 12 months, with a minimum of 0%.

Home Depot Card Home Depot Card offers 0 percent for between 6 and twelve months for purchases subject to the price of the items you purchase. It may seem like a bargain, and it could be in some situations; however, it’s also possible to go downhill quickly. Similar to other plastics used for retail purchases cards, the Home Depot Store Card has an option called ” deferred interest,” which means that interest charges will be assessed based on the amount you paid for your purchase in case you pay your bill one day late or do not pay your entire balance before the end of the promotional period. It’s like it was that your 0% discount has never existed.

Very high APR regularly.

When the promotional period is over — or if you violate the deferred-interest terms if you breach the terms of deferred interest, the credit card will then be granted a normal rate based on creditworthiness. Since you must have a minimum of fair credit to be eligible for this Home Depot Card, we could assume that people with fair credit will be charged rates at the top part of the range, and those with good credit will be charged low rates. In this context, both extremes are over average. The typical credit card for fair credit comes with a 23.33 APR. In contrast, the typical credit card with outstanding credit is 13.85 percent, per the latest WalletHub report on the Credit Card Landscape Survey.

Not bad for building credit.

You are eligible for this Home Depot Credit Card with only the “fair” credit score, which means you can apply for it to help create credit at a lower cost since there’s no annual cost. You can assess your credit score at no cost and keep track of its growth on WalletHub.

Home Credit Card Additional Information

Offer limited-time only: Get $25 off your first purchase of $25 to $299, 50 percent off your first purchase of $300 to $999, and $100 off your first purchase of $1000 or more. Terms Apply.

Deferred Interest Details: There are no charges if you pay in full within six months of purchases of $299.

Deferred Interest Details: There is no cost of interest if the loan is paid in the full amount within 12 months of Installed Fencing purchases that are $5,000 or more.

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