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How to Recharge Bank of Baroda FAStag Card?

Bank of Baroda Fastag: Recently, the Ministry of National Roads and Transport has made Fastag mandatory on tolls on all national highways of India. National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), in association with Indian Highway Management Company Limited (IHMCL) in association with National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI), has started toll collection through FASTag on all National Highways.

What is FASTag?

Before knowing about Bank of Baroda Fastag, it is necessary to understand what Fastag is? FASTag is a type of card with Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) technology, which can be used repeatedly. It is an RFID card, which is mounted on the windscreen of the vehicle. FASTag is a type of prepaid card that is linked to the cardholder’s account. When your vehicle passes through a National Highway toll stop, the toll charge is automatically deducted from the prepaid balance of the FASTag card.

What is Bank of Baroda FASTag?

Various banks issue FASTag cards under the guidelines of the National Payment Corporation of India. These cards are linked to the respective bank account. Bank of Baroda has also issued Bank of Baroda FAStag under the guidelines of NPCI. In short, this card is a prepaid card based on Radio Frequency Identification Technology technology which is linked to the card holder’s account.

Bank of Baroda FASTag is a frequently recharged and easy-to-use FASTag. This FASTag is a means of electronically paying toll charges through prepaid wallets at more than 480 toll plazas in India. This card has been designed to save time and fuel for the users while reducing the congestion at toll plazas.

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What are the benefits of using Bank of Baroda FASTag?

The primary objective of FASTag is to reduce the waiting time in long queues at toll gates. FASTag saves the user time and fuel. Fund management of the government can be improved with more transparency due to electronic payments.

Using Bank of Baroda Fastag, the driver has the following advantages:

Automatic Cashless Payment – When you visit the National Highway toll plaza, automatic cashless payment is made through your Bank of Baroda FAStag without any hassle. No need to carry cash for toll transactions.

No need to lose money: There is no need to keep open money at the toll plaza or wander here and there for the money.

Instant Payment Facility: Automatically deducts the toll fee by reading your FAStag by the FAStag card reader at the toll plaza when your vehicle moves to the toll plaza. This process is so fast that the cars do not need to stand at all.

Avoid long queues: There is no need to stand in long lines of vehicles at toll tax plazas with Bank of Baroda FAStag. Because when your car crosses the toll plaza, the tag reader installed in the toll gate will read your FASTag and automatically deduct the mandatory toll charges from your tag account. With FAStag, the waiting time at every toll plaza is completely reduced.

Saving money and time: Saving time in long queues of vehicles at toll plazas reduces fuel consumption.

Safe & Easy Recharge Facility -Bank of Baroda FAStag can be easily recharged instantly through Top-ups Card or UPI Payment Apps, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card. It is safe to renew the Bank of Baroda FAStag card online.

Cashback facility: Cashback is also provided by Bank of Baroda from time to time on Bank of Baroda FAStag recharge.

SMS Alerts: Bank of Baroda FAStag users get an instant SMS notification when toll plaza payment is made from their FAStag account. Due to which the consumer can keep an eye on the balance of his FAStag account.

Online Portal for FAStag Holder: Bank of Baroda FASTag facilitates user to create and manage a FAStag account on Bank of Baroda’s online portal without any hassle. Users can quickly check tag balance, transactions and account information etc., from the online FAStag portal.

How to Recharge Bank of Baroda FAStag Card?

Bank of Baroda has provided various methods to recharge the Bank of Baroda FAStag account. You can recharge your Bank of Baroda FAStag account through both offline and online means. You can renew your Bank of Baroda FAStag card with a cash payment by visiting your nearest Bank of Baroda branch. FAStag Bank of Baroda So You Can Recharge Through Debit Card Credit Card Internet Banking And UPI Payment Applications.

You can recharge Bank of Baroda FAStag at any Point of Sale (PoS) location if you want. Renewing FAStag card Bank of Baroda online is safe and straightforward.

How to Check Bank of Baroda FASTag Balance?

When you pass through a toll plaza, read money from the prepaid account linked to your Bank of Baroda FAStag, an alert SMS will be received on the mobile number linked to the account. If your Bank of Baroda FAStag account balance is low, then an alert message will also be received on your mobile.

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Bank of Baroda FAStag Joining fee and Charges

Bank of Baroda levied different vehicle charges on Bank of Baroda FAStag, as shown below.

Type of VehicleSecurity Deposit (Rs)Joining Fee(Rs)Minimum load(Rs)Replacement Fee (Rs)Closure Fee (Rs)
Car/van/jeep/small commercial vehicle200100200100100
Light commercial vehicle300100300100100
3-axle commercial vehicle300100300100100
4-to 6-axle vehicle400100400100100
7 or 7+ axle vehicle400100400100100
Earth Moving Equipment/Heavy Construction Machinery500100500100100
Bus & Truck400100400100100

Some things to note about the fee charged on FASTag

  • Service Tax will be levied at the applicable rates on all prescribed charges.
  • Convenience charges will be applicable only and only on online recharge.
  • Face Gold amount is the minimum amount that is charged while activating the FASTag card.
  • The tag deposit rates mentioned in the above table will be applicable as per your vehicle category. It is the security deposit you will get back when you close your FASTag account.
  • The amount deducted from FASTag at the toll plaza depends on the category of your sister and then their type.
  • The above fees are subject to change from time to time, so for the correct information about fees and charges, contact the organization issuing FASTag.

Documents required for Bank of Baroda FASTag Application:

If you are willing to take a Bank of Baroda FAStag card, then to apply for Bank of Baroda FAStag, you must have the following documents.

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate / Vehicle’s RC book
  • Fastag Application Form.
  • The applicant’s KYC documents include PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter ID Card, etc.
  • Latest passport size photograph of the owner of the vehicle.

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How to register for Bank of Baroda FASTag?

Bank of Baroda has provided the facility to its customers to apply online for Bank of Baroda FASTag prepaid account opening. Follow the steps given below to apply online for Bank of Baroda FASTag from the official website of Bank of Baroda.

Step 1: Click on the link “Home Personal Digital FASTag:Electronic Toll Collection Buy Now” to apply online for Bank of Baroda FASTag.

Step 2: On clicking the ‘Buy Now’ link, the Bank of Baroda FASTag Application Form will open on your screen.

Step 3: Fill in your name, address, date of birth, identity proof documents etc., in the application form.  

Step 4: Slowly fill in your contact details in the prescribed columns. If you are from the corporate world, then enter your GST details also. 

Step 5: In the vehicle details section, fill in the information related to your vehicle, like vehicle model, make, registration number etc., in the given columns.

Step 6: In the Payment details section, you can make Bank of Baroda FASTag recharge and pay the minimum balance.

Step 7: After completing the application process, the bank will accept the FASTag card, and a unique RFID tag will be issued to you.

Step 8: Install the Fastrack issued by the bank on your vehicle’s windscreen and avail the National Highway Toll Gates cashless facility. Payment will be deducted automatically from your prepaid account.

How to Register for an Online FASTag Portal Account?

If you want to manage your Bank of Baroda FASTag account through the FASTag online portal, you have to register on the online customer portal. Follow the steps given below to complete the registration process on the online portal.

Step 1: To log in to the Bank of Baroda FASTag portal, click on Home Personal Digital FASTag: Electronic Toll Collection Login.

Step 2: The login page will open. Click on the button ‘Register’.

Step 3: Enter your Customer ID and Date of Birth in the given columns for further processing.

Step 4: Click on the Login or Submit button. A one time password will be received on your registered mobile number to verify your ID.

Step 5: Enter the OTP in the space provided to verify it and click on the Verify button.

Step 6: Immediately after OTP verification, set your password.

Step 7: Once your password is set, you can manage your Bank of Baroda FASTag account from the online portal using your User ID and this password.

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FAQs related to Bank of Baroda FASTag

Q 1: What is the validity period of Bank of Baroda FASTag?  

Ans: Bank of Baroda FASTag is valid for five years from the date of issue. It is a reusable card that can be used again and again by recharging through online or offline mediums.

Q 2: Can the same FASTag be used on more than one vehicle?

Ans: No, this reason is issued by the FASTag issuing entity only based on KYC documents. Hence, this card can be used for the exact vehicle for which it is issued. That is, the same FASTag cannot be used on more than one vehicle.

Q 3: What is the fee charged by the Bank of Baroda for the issuance of Bank of Baroda FASTag?

Ans: A fee of ₹100, including all applicable taxes, is charged by the Bank of Baroda to issue Bank of Baroda FASTag.

Q 4: Is there any security deposit to be submitted while issuing FASTag?

Ans– Yes, when you get a FASTag card, some amount is deposited as security by the FASTag issuing entity depending on the type of vehicle which is refundable. The security amount depends on the amount you make the first recharge at the time of activation. If you activate the card with a higher amount, the company does not charge you this fee.

Q 5: How to contact the Bank of Baroda for FASTag related information?

Ans: For Bank of Baroda FASTag, you can contact Bank of Baroda customer care number 1800 103 4560. But to use this number, you need to register on the Bank of Baroda portal. After registration, the bank will send the login details to your registered mobile number through SMS. After this, you can avail of the services of the Bank of Baroda customer care number.

Q 6: How to block the FASTag account if the vehicle is stolen?

Ans: In case of vehicle theft, follow the steps given below to block the FASTag account related to the vehicle.
Go to the FASTag online portal.
Login with User ID and Password.
Go to the Service Request section.
Click on the Generate Service Request button.
Select Request Type.
In Request Type, select RFID Tag or Wallet Closure Request.
Note – You can block your stolen vehicle’s FASTag account by contacting 24×7 Customer Care Number 1800 103 4568, or you can get the Bank of Baroda FASTag account blocked by sending mail to email id [email protected]

Q 7: Is there a separate line at the toll plaza for fast track vehicles?

Ans– Yes, each toll plaza has a separate lane for the FASTag vehicle so that the car can pass quickly without any disturbance. Ever since the National Highways Authority of India has made the FASTag card mandatory at all toll plazas, there has been no separate plan for FASTag card vehicles. All line scores have been converted into FASTag lanes.

Q 8: Where can I use my Bank of Baroda FASTag card?

Ans: Currently, you can use Bank of Baroda FASTag at more than 400 toll plazas in India.

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