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How to Close Axis Bank Credit Card

How To Close Axis Bank Credit Card?

How To Close Axis Bank Credit Card: – In today’s time, most working people must have a credit card. Often, due to non-timely credit card repayment, the Bank charges a lot of interest on the credit card dues, due to which the person gets upset and wants to get his credit card closed. But due to lack of information, he cannot get the credit card closed, due to which he has to pay even more interest.

He repeatedly appeals to customer care to close the credit card, but it gets retracted by getting bogged down in talks. At such a time, the only question that buzzes in his mind is how to close Axis Bank Credit Card? Or How to cancel an Axis Bank Credit Card? Are you an Axis Bank Credit Cardholder? Are you also facing such a problem? Do you also want to close Axis Bank Credit Card Account?

Through this post, the process of how to close Axis Bank Credit Card Account will be provided. If you want to cancel or close Axis Bank Credit Card, then definitely read this post till the end.

How to Close Axis Bank Credit Card

If an Axis Bank credit cardholder wants to cancel his credit card, then three types of facilities have been provided to him by Axis Bank, which is as follows.

  • An Axis Bank Credit Cardholder can write a letter to Axis Bank to close his Axis Bank Credit Card.
  • An Axis Bank Credit Cardholder may send an email regarding credit card closure to the email addresses provided by Axis Bank as [email protected] or [email protected]
  • The credit card closure process will be initiated as soon as the Bank receives the email. Information about which will be given to you by mail.
  • Axis Bank Credit Cardholders can call Axis Bank Credit Card Customer Care number 1800-233-5577/1800-209-5577/1800-103-5577 at any time for a request to close Axis Bank credit card. The credit card facility will be locked after payment of the dues after obtaining the required information by the customer representative.

Things To Keep In Mind at the time of Close Axis Bank Credit Card

If you want to cancel/close Axis Bank credit card, you should consider it before cancelling.

  • Before discontinuing Axis Bank Credit Card facility, make sure to pay all charges related to credit card, all outstanding dues, loan outstanding, EMI facility and balance transfer charges.
  • If you have any reward points on your credit card, redeem them as all reward points will be terminated by the Bank after 45 days of requesting.
  • If you want to transfer the pending balance amount of the credit card you wish to cancel to any other credit card, then do the transfer before giving the request for closure of the credit card; otherwise, this pending balance will not be able to transfer after the request.

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When Does Axis Bank Cancel Credit Cards?

Axis Bank may terminate the Credit Card without assigning any reason or reason thereof. In such a situation, the cardholder will have to deposit the outstanding amount immediately.

In such a case, the annual fee and other types of charges will not be refunded by the Bank. Usually, the credit card of any credit card holder is not cancelled by Axis Bank under normal circumstances. Still, there are certain circumstances in which the Bank can cancel the credit card, as follows.

  • Repeated non-payment of the outstanding dues on time may result in termination of the credit card facility by the Bank.
  • The Credit Card can be cancelled even if the cardholder does not fulfil the Credit Card Terms and Conditions.
  • Any check cannot make ECS/payment on time using other bank account/standing instructions given to the Bank.
  • Information provided by the cardholder is not found to be correct.

How to Reactivate Close Axis Bank Credit Cards?

If you wish to reactivate the closed Axis Bank Credit Card, you must request Axis Bank again. But this request can be made by the cardholder only if the cardholder has asked for the Credit Card closure if Axis Bank cancels the credit card service due to any other reason. Then the request of the cardholder will be rejected by the Bank.

The reactivation facility of the credit card that has been closed by the cardholder is provided by Axis Bank only.  

  • Suppose the cardholder wants to reactivate the closed Axis Bank Credit Card. In that case, the cardholder will have to contact the customer care number of Axis Bank and provide the credit card number, card expiry date, date of birth, registered mobile etc., to the customer care representative.
  • The cardholder can also contact the Bank through email to activate the close Axis Bank Credit Card. The cardholder has to send his identity card and passport size photograph through email.

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How To Close Axis Bank Credit Card Related FAQs

Q-1. What to do if the Axis Bank credit card is closed, but the credit card report is not showing close in status?

Ans- If you have closed your Axis Bank credit card but are still showing in your credit report and history, you need to contact Axis Bank credit card customer care and request them to update the close axis bank credit card related records as soon as possible. 

Q-2. How many days after will the credit card’s closed status appear in the credit report?

Ans- After submitting the request to close axis bank credit card, it takes 4 to 6 weeks to update the status of credit card closure from your credit report.

Q-3. Can a Cardholder redeem the Reward Points after placing an Axis Bank Credit Card closure request?

Ans- The customer can redeem all his rewards points and cash back within 45 days from the date of the request to close Axis Bank Credit Card. The cardholder will not be able to redeem the Reward Points after the 45 days is over.

Q-4. Is it necessary to deposit the outstanding dues amount before the closure of Axis Bank Credit Card?

Ans- Yes, before closing the credit card, it is necessary to pay all types of credit card dues charges. Your credit card will not be closed until you have paid all the dues along with the charges.

Q-5. What are the things a cardholder should keep in mind before closing a credit card?

Ans- Before closing the credit card, the cardholder should log into their credit card account through the official website of the Bank and block all automatic bill payments and transfers made by the credit card. If you don’t do this, the bills will continue to be sent to your credit card. The card will decline these payments once your card is closed, which may result in additional charges for pending fees.

Q-6. How to close Axis Bank Credit Card Account?

Ans- Axis Bank Credit Card holders can apply for closure of Credit Card by email, customer care and through written application.

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