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SBI mPassbook:- Do you know what mPassbook is? mPassbook is a type of digital bank passbook. New technologies are gradually being used in the banking system. State Bank of India, India’s largest public sector bank, launched the digital version of the SBI Bank Passbook under the name ‘mPassbook’ in October 2014.

The name of SBI Bank comes at the top among the major banks taking digital initiatives in public sector banks. The web portal of SBI Bank is straightforward to use for the customers. Due to this, the digital version of SBI Passbook’ mPassbook’ has also become popular. State Bank of India is one of the major banks to launch ‘mPassbook’.

What is SBI mPassbook?

SBI mPassbook, in general, is the digital version of a physical SBI passbook. It is a type of banking application using which SBI customers can easily access their SBI passbook details through the internet using Customer ID and Password.


SBI Mpassbook user requires a User ID and Password to login into this application through Internet Banking. SBI mPassbook, the passbook is like a book passbook; it contains the details of the transactions taking place in the savings or current account. SBI mPassbook is the easiest way to see the record of the transactions that happen in the account. In a traditional passbook, it was necessary to visit the bank branch to know the details of bank transactions, whereas mpassbook can be used anytime and anywhere. You can synchronize the transaction history of your account by logging into the ‘SBI Anywhere’ mobile app. There is no need to visit a bank branch to view transaction history in SBI mPassbook.

State Bank of India has launched the ‘SBI Anywhere’ application to use mPassbook. This application is made available for Android and iOS. This application can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store for Android phones. Whereas for iPhone, it can be downloaded from the App Store. SBI m passbook can also be downloaded on the blackberry phone, for which the bank has also made this application available on app world (blackberry).


Users who downloaded the SBI mPassbook application on their mobile phones can log in to the application using a Username and Password. Keep in mind that if you are not registered for SBI NetBanking, you cannot avail yourself of SBI mPassbook. To use SBI M Passbook, it is necessary to register for Internet Banking service.

So if you want to use SBI mpassbook, register yourself for internet banking by visiting your nearest SBI branch. Registration for the SBI Internet Banking service can also be done online through the official website of SBI.

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How to access SBI mPassbook?

State Bank of India has launched the ‘SBI Anywhere’ SBI Mobile Application to use mPassbook under Mobile Banking Services, which is available for all platforms. Follow the steps given below to access SBI mPassbook.

  • To avail of the SBI M passbook service, register yourself for the SBI Internet Banking service online from your nearest bank branch or the official website.
  • After this, download the SBI Anywhere application from Google Play Store (Android), App Store (iPhone) or App World (Blackberry) on your mobile phone.
  • Download SBI Anywhere Application and generate your User ID and Password.
  • Login to your account using User ID and Password.
  • After logging in, you can check your transaction history in SBI mPassbook.
  • You have to synchronize SBI mPassbook data every time you log in to the SBI mPassbook application.
  • Click on the “Sync” button to sync SBI mPassbook.
  • After synchronization, all your transactions will be updated in mPassbook.

Can SBI mPassbook be used offline?

State Bank of India also provides offline access to the SBI mPassbook application SBI Anywhere. Internet connectivity is not required to use SBI mPassbook through offline mode. It would be best if you had your username and ‘mPassbook PIN’ to use the offline application.

But keep in mind that by accessing SBI mPassbook through offline mode, you can see only those transactions received last synchronized. If you want to access SBI mPassbook, follow the procedure given below.

Step 1: First of all, open the ‘SBI Anywhere’ application on your mobile phone. On the login page, you will see the link “m-Passbook”.

Step 2: Click on the link’ mPassbook’. A new page will open where you will be asked to enter the Internet Banking ID, and mPassbook PIN created earlier.

Step 3: Enter your Internet Banking ID and 4-digit M-Passbook PIN in the given columns.

Step 4: After logging in to the application, all your savings account information will appear on the screen. Select the savings account you want to access.

Step 5: Once you have selected your account, SBI mPassbook will open in landscape mode. Only those transactions will be shown which are already synchronized on the phone.

Step 6: Note that the ‘Sync’ button will not be provided to you while using SBI mPassbook through offline mode.

How to generate SBI mPassbook PIN?

If you have not yet generated SBI mPassbook PIN, follow the steps below.

Step 1: First, open the “State Bank Anywhere” application on your mobile phone. Login using User ID and Password.

Step 2: Go to the ‘Settings’ menu and scroll down to the ‘Create / Reset mPassbook PIN’ section.

Step 3: Next, create your 4-digit mPassbook PIN.

Step 4: Sync SBI mPassbook by going to the “mPassbook” section. With this, your SBI mPassbook PIN will be generated.

You can avail of SBI mPassbook services offline by using SBI mPassbook PIN. New updated information will be available as soon as you access this application.

Benefits of SBI SBI mPassbook

The benefits of the SBI M Passbook can be understood based on the following points.

  • Easy Access: SBI mPassbook allows users to access their transaction records and history. Accessing it in mPassbook is relatively easy. There is no need to visit any bank branch to update SBI mPassbook like a physical passbook. Log in using the User ID and Password and click on the Synchronize button. Your transactions are automatically updated in SBI mPassbook by clicking the sync button.
  • Free of Cost – Which mode does State Bank of India provide SBI mPassbook free of cost, i.e. no additional fee is charged by the bank for this service. It would help if you had a smartphone (Android, Blackberry or iOS) and internet connectivity for SBI mPassbook. In short, the State Bank of India provides services free of cost on the mobile application ‘SBI Anywhere’.
  • Safe– Using SBI mPassbook is relatively safe. In this application, you log in using your user id and password. No one can access your SBI mPassbook information unless you share your User ID and Password with any other person. As long as you do not give your user ID and password to any other person, then there can be no fraud with you.


Providing convenience to its customers in SBI Bank, SBI has introduced mPassbook as an alternative to the traditional passbook. This application is an electronic version of the traditional passbook, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere. This application can be used even without internet connectivity. So: This application is handy for the users.

FAQs related to SBI mPassbook

Q.1. What is SBI mPassbook?

Ans: SBI mPassbook is an electronic version of the physical or traditional passbook, which you can easily access through the phone. Through SBI mPassbook, you can keep track of every transaction happening in your account. That is, you can get the information of all the transactions. Updating the new transaction in this application is valid as the traditional passbook.

Q.2- Can a person avail SBI mPassbook facility on any phone?

Ans: You need to have a mobile phone with specific configurations to use the SBI MPassbook facility. The SBI mPassbook application cannot be used on all types of mobile phones. This application can be used on the following phones.
Android (OS 2.3 or higher)
iOS (OS 4.1 or higher)
Blackberry (OS 10 or higher)

Q.3. Is SBI mPassbook facility free of cost?

Ans: State Bank of India charges no additional fee for using the SBI mPassbook facility. This facility is excellent for the customers registered for the SBI Internet Banking service.

Q.4. Can a person use SBI mPassbook without internet banking, username and password?

Ans: SBI mPassbook application “SBI Anywhere” provided by State Bank of India cannot be used without a username and password. You are first required to register for SBI Internet Banking services to generate a Username and Password.

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