BOB DoorStep Banking Service?

Bank of Baroda Bank is also part of the initiative launched by PSB Alliance to cater to all banks’ financial and non-financial services under one roof.

Ease of bank Reforms

Doorstep Banking is the key point of the road map for EASE (Enhanced Access and Service Excellence) reforms in the banking sector prepared by the Department of Financial Services.

BOB DoorStep Registration Process

If you are an account holder of Bank of Baroda and want to benefit from BOB PSB DoorStep Banking Services under PSB Alliance, then follow the steps given below.

Registration Channels

To avail the Service  account holder has to register himself for PSB DoorStep Banking Services on any one channels, i.e., Mobile Application, Web Portal, Call Center.

Make Request for Service

To get the benefit of Bank of Baroda PSB DoorStep Banking Services, register a request for banking and non-banking financial service on any one of the above three mediums.

Doorstep Banking Agent

The bank will dispatch the Doorstep Banking Agent for PSB DoorStep Banking Services after processing your request.


Once the agent reaches your Doorstep, provide your documents to the PSB DoorStep Banking Services Agent only if your code matches the service code available with the agent.

Pay in Slip

A duly filled-in signed “Pay in Slip” will be provided to the customer by the DSP Urgent, detailing all the documents to be submitted.

Sealed Envelope

Instruments such as cheques, etc., to be handed over to the DoorStep Banking Agent i sealed by putting them in a designated envelope.

Correct Informations

All the information entered by the applicant in the instrument will be matched with the information provided on the app or website.

Tally Informations

If both the details are tallied, then only the instrument will be accepted by the applicant.

Single Pickup Request

Doorstep Banking Service Agent can pick up more than one instrument on the customer’s single pickup request. 

Different Type of Instruments

But different types of instruments cannot be clubbed together in a single pickup request.

Customer Care

For any problem related to PSB DoorStep Banking Services, you can contact PSB Alliance toll-free number 1800 121 37 21 / 1800 103 71 88.

Charges of Service

Special charges are levied on the Bank of Baroda Doorstep Banking Service. ₹75 plus GST is charged for each Bank of Baroda doorstep banking service.