Home Depot Credit Card Highlights

Home Depot Credit Card doesn't have an annual cost; however, its absence of rewards costs regular Home Depot shoppers a lot of savings.

If you intend on paying for the balance of your Home Depot purchases within a single billing cycle, it's best to use one of the best reward cards.

Home Depot Card Home Depot Card offers 0 percent for between 6 and twelve months for purchases subject to the price of the items you purchase.

It may seem like a bargain, and it could be in some situations; however, it's also possible to go downhill quickly.

Similar to other plastics used for retail purchases cards, the Home Depot Store Card has an option called " deferred interest,"

Very high APR regularly. The typical credit card for fair credit comes with a 23.33 APR.                                           .

In contrast, the typical credit card with outstanding credit is 13.85 percent, per the latest WalletHub report on the Credit Card Landscape Survey.

You are eligible for this Home Depot Credit Card with only the "fair" credit score, which means you can apply for it to help create credit at a lower cost since there's no annual cost

Get $25 off your first purchase of $25 to $299, 50 percent off your first purchase of $300 to $999, and $100 off your first purchase of $1000 or more.

There are no charges if you pay in full within six months of purchases of $299.                                       .

There is no cost of interest if the loan is paid in the full amount within 12 months of Installed Fencing purchases that are $5,000 or more.