Point to Know About the Home Depot Credit Card

If you do not take advantage of the deferred interest deal, stay clear of having a balance carried out each month.

Similar to the majority of credit cards branded by stores, the ongoing interest rate is often quite high.

The current APR is 17.99 percent, 21.99%, 25.99 percent, or 26.99 percent variable. For example, the average APR of accounts that paid the interest rate in 2018 stood at 16.04 percent.

New cardholders can enjoy a small discount- The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card gives customers a discount of $25 on purchases of $25-$299

Purchases of $50 between $300 and $999, and a $100 discount on purchases worth $1000 or more. This isn't a lot.

But like most store-branded credit cards, there aren't regular rewards for in-store purchases. It is possible to earn better rewards.

If you purchase a minimum of $299 or above, you'll be able to choose either the discount of 5% or an equivalent deferred interest offer.

Cardholders have longer returns and special discounts- Customers who are frequent Home Depot shoppers might benefit from the hassle-free return policy.

Are provided for one year when you purchase the card, which is 4 times longer than what you normally receive on Home Depot purchases.

Cardmembers can also avail of rotating discounts, like 10% off on a particular brand for a time or a 24-month financing offer during offers.

Home Depot offers a separate card for larger projects Home Depot Project Loan Card that allows cardholders to get up to $55,000 for major renovation projects at a low-interest rate .

it's intended to fund major projects like bathrooms or kitchens and may appeal to those who can't access loans with lower APR elsewhere, like the mortgage for home equity.