What is SBI Deposit Machine?

Now you do not need to go to any branch to deposit cash. SBI Bank has provided ATM as well as Cash Deposit Machine facility to its customers.

How to Deposit in SBI Cash Machine?

If you also want to deposit cash in the nearest SBI Cash Deposit Machine, then follow the steps given below.

Search Nearest Location

First of all, locate your nearest SBI Cash Deposit Machine location from the official website of SBI Finder.

Insert Debit Card

Access the SBI Cash Deposit Machine and insert your Debit Card into the CDM Machine. Select Banking from the major options that appear on the screen.

Enter Debit Card PIN

Select your preferred language from the available languages and click on Next button. Enter your Debit Card PIN in the provided field.


From the options that appear on the monitor screen, click on the Cash Deposit option. Some useful guidelines will be displayed for depositing by machine, be sure to follow them.


Keep in mind that you cannot deposit more than 200 (Rs. 49900) notes at a time. After reading the guidelines click on the confirm button.

Choose Account

Select your account type either Savings Account or Current Account from the available options. Select the denomination of 100, 500, 2000 notes.

Deposit Cash

The Cash Deposit Shutter of SBI Cash Deposit Machine will open. Put good condition notes inside the box and press the enter button.

Check Amount

Shutter will be closed and the notes will be checked by the machine. Once the funds are verified within a short time, the deposit amount data will appear on the screen.


If there is any error in the notes, the shutter of the screen will open. Confirm from where the erroneous note withdraw amount is as per the figures shown on the screen.

Cash Deposit Receipt

Your amount will be credited as soon as you confirm and a receipt will be issued by the machine in this regard.