What is Self Service Passbook Printer?

New digital devices are being used in the banking system. In this episode, a new device Self Service Service Passbook Printers has come in the market.

Self Service Passbook Printer

Self Service Passbook Printer is a type of Automated Kiosk through which the customer can automatically print the bank passbook.


It is automated machines with the capability to auto flip, auto align and update bank passbooks without the intervention of customers or bank branch staff.


The customer only has to enter the bank passbook by opening the cover page. This machine automatically prints all the account transaction details of the customer on more than one page.

Automatic Application

It is an automatic application that automatically flips and aligns the pages and prints them on the appropriate page/locations.

QR Code

The bank passbook printed by the machine is a pre-printed number, which is already stored in the magnetic stripe/QR code of the passbook, which is mapped to the customer's account.

Magnetic Stripe/QR Code

The SSPBP machine reads the bank passbook with the help of magnetic stripe/QR code.

Self Mapping

You are able to add value like self-mapping of passbooks, enhancing customer experience without having to approach the branch for issuance of customer passbooks.

Free of Cost

Self Service Passbook Printer service is being provided free of cost by almost all banks. The consumer is not required to pay any extra fee for printing the passbook.

Simple & Convenient

This machine provides simple and convenient process for the customer. No manual intervention or help of branch officer is required to print bank passbook from this machine.

24x7 Service

- This facility is available 24X7 at ATM cabins and e-lobbies, which saves you from repeatedly standing in long queues of bank branches to print passbooks.